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October 13, 2005
Location: Twin Towers


The key action items as agreed to in this meeting are as follows:   

Item Responsibility
  1. Invite Eric Thomas (Aiken) to Summit meetings
Ron Cowgill
  1. Invite Barbara Gordon (CH Academy) to Summit meetings
Ron Cowgill
  1. Bring camera funding pledge list to next Summit meeting
Marty Weldishofer
  1. Follow up with Housing Development Team to review
Phyllis Schoenberger
  1. Develop a written document outlining the kinds of additional 
Phyllis Schoenberger
  1. Develop a summary of Summit for the website, and get it posted.

Ron Cowgill 
  1. Start the list for Summit meeting locations for 2006
Ron Cowgill
ATTENDEES:  (in alphabetical order)  
Name    Organization Represented
Jim Bodmer CH Forum
Joan Burger CCHMC
John Copenhaver Pleasant Hill School
Ron Cowgill  Facilitator, CHPC
Rev Bill Enns CHPC, Ministerium
Treva Goodwin Central Clinic – Ready to Learn at Pleasant Hill School
Tom Haid     Twin Towers, Facilitator
Karen Hartman  CHBA
Valerie Hershberger Facilitator, CHPC
Jane Lott House of Joy, CCCH
Elaine Ludwig College Hill Gardeners
Carol Lyon CHCURC
Sean McCauley  CH Fundamental Academy
Herb Noble Cincinnati Police Department – District 5
Gayla Price CHBA
Mike Ruehl   WINAOP
Phyllis Schoenberger Forum QOL, CHBA
Rick Schroer CH Rec Center
Elizabeth Sherwood Forum
Barry Walker CHPC

Marty Weldishofer



ABSENT: (in alphabetical order)  
College Hill Library  
McAuley High School
Mercy Hospital, Mt. Airy Foundation  



Welcome and Introductions

Agenda Review & Modification

Review of Minutes from Last Month’s Meeting

Opening Prayer

Special Announcements

Review of Action Items from Last Month’s Meeting


Community Activities – Hurricane Relief

Housing Development in College Hill

Streetscape Update

NRSA Update

Surveillance Camera Update



CPOP / Aiken High School Update

Rhythm Race Update

Community Events


General Announcements



Review of September Minutes
The minutes for the September meeting were agreed to, with no further corrections


2.      Special Announcements

Pumpkin Patch:  Elaine shared that Saturday’s patch was a success.  CHCURC got first place in scarecrow contest, Forum got second place. 

Website Domain:  Elizabeth shared that BET (Black Entertainment Television) has somehow co-opted the current college hill domain name.   This is getting worked out.   


3.   Review of Action Items from August Meeting

A.  All organizations fill out Vision survey – Most organizations brought their surveys to the meeting.  Elizabeth Sherwood said she would follow up and send a more thorough survey for the Forum.

B.   Send out survey by email – this was done by Valerie right after the Sept meeting.

C.  Bring original NRSA chart to next Summit meeting – Tom Jackson has a required regular training session that sometimes conflicts with Summit meetings.   He sent the chart to Ron, who printed it out and brought it to this meeting.

D.  Update Summit on Forum website status & progress – Elizabeth indicated that work was progressing, but the issue of domain name ownership needed to be worked out first.

E.   Get Aiken HS activities and news into E-newsletter – Ken Lyon was not at the meeting to update us, but we have observed that activities and news about all the schools have made it into the e-newsletter that Ken publishes.

F.   Meet to discuss moving Farmers Market – No information was available.


4.      Mission/Vision Survey Review – by All

Several organizations presented their survey answers, then gave Valerie the written originals.   Organizations which did so were: CHBA, CHCURC, CCHMC, CHG, WINAOP, and a rough draft from Forum.   Typed copies of these documents are attached to this document.


The Summit Vision Committee will take all of this input, and develop a draft new Summit Vision to present at the next Summit meeting in November.


5.   College Hill Community Activities – Hurricane Relief

Updates were shared by various members of Summit:

·        Chappie indicated that Tanya, an evacuee from New Orleans, was now living in a CHPC-owned house on Wintrop.   He thanked Joan for her help in working on finding suitable employment for Tanya.

·        Chappie reported that work teams from the local Presbytery are being organized to go to the Gulf Coast the weeks of Nov 7, 14, and 21.   Volunteers are welcome.

·        Treena reported that she had talked to the Red Cross and determined that there are about 700 evacuee families in our area.

·        Jane said there is a family being supported by the House of Joy through local relatives.

·        There is one student at McAuley, and two at Pleasant Hill


6.   College Hill Housing Development – by Carol Lyon

Out of the last Summit meeting, a team coalesced around rehabbing housing in College Hill.  This team has had two meetings so far, and making progress on more clearly defining its mission.   It does seem clear that houses cannot be rehabbed in time to be a viable response to the Katrina/Rita disasters, but has merit on its own.   There is a meeting next Thursday morning, but there is a dedication for the new Pleasant Hill building, so this conflict needs to be worked out.


7.   Streetscape Update – by Marty Weldishofer

-         Fall plantings are done.

-         Still waiting on about 8 trees from the Dept of Urban Forestry.

-         Pavers in front of Hodapp still need to be done, bids have been received.

-         Still need to replace the sidewalk on Cedar in front of the PNC bank, bids have been received.

-         Planters have been moved as planned.   Ongoing funding of around $10,000 per year is required to maintain the planters.

Additionally, Karen indicated that CHBA is initiating a new Holiday Decoration project.    They will provide a green wreath with a red bow if organizations, businesses, or individuals want to purchase them for installation on a lamppost.    31 wreaths have been sold, there are 60 lampposts.   Wreaths can be purchased through Karen.   CHBA is writing a grant to hire someone to put them up and take them down.


8.   NRSA Review – by Ron Cowgill

Tom Jackson was unable to come to the meeting, but Ron talked with him about the NRSA.   Tom recommends that a subgroup of Summit get together and review the original NRSA plan for Summit.   Phyllis suggested that the new Housing subteam work on it.


9.   Surveillance Camera Update – Jim Bodmer

Cameras are up and working well.   Cameras recently help solved some crimes in College Hill, including a drive-by shooting.   The goal is to have the city pay for ongoing costs of cameras.   The cost is $70 per camera per month.  But now the community has to pay.   Marty will bring the pledge list to the next meeting. 


10. CHBA – by Karen Hartman

A new logo is being developed for CHBA, so it will have its own identity.   The key phrase is “Working for the Hill”


11. Website Update

Ron proposed to put a summary of what Summit is on the website, and passed out a draft for everyone to review.   He received several suggestions for improvement.  Joan volunteered to develop a more user-friendly version.


12. CPOP / Aiken High School – by Phyllis Schoenberger

Aiken is really three schools, but one is being phased out.   The remaining two schools will be University and Service Learning.   There is a desire to “market” Service Learning more effectively, including possibly changing its name.   They are looking for someone from the community to help put together a comprehensive marketing plan.

From the perspective of CPOP, the three community/teacher committees are working well.  This success is helping to support a PTA being developed for all schools.  The schools would like to see a lot more community involvement in the three committees.  It would be helpful to have something in writing for everyone to take back to the various organizations and groups, outlining what kind of support would be most helpful.   Phyllis and Rick will follow up.


13. Rhythm Race – by Elizabeth Sherwood

Elizabeth reported on the success of the Rhythm Race.   There were more than 200 runners, and the race tripled the number of sponsors compared to last year.   PNC gave $5000, and Children’s gave $2500.  There were over 100 volunteers, and several of the local politicians in attendance.   More than $12,000 profit was realized, which will toward paying the salary of the Director of Development.


14. Community Events

·        Elizabeth asked that we all support Make A Difference Day.   A woman has already called to ask for a winter coat for herself and her two grandchildren.   Llanfair is already involved.  Members of Summit suggested identifying specific needy children and getting coat sizes ahead of time to allow schools and other organizations to respond by helping specific people.

·        Phyllis announced that Dec 3 would be the Christmas Bazaar, and that Dec 10 is the date for “Light Up College Hill”.  Luminaries are being distributed.  Amy Finnegan and Juanita Canfield are the coordinators.

·        Joan told us about this year’s “Hometown Huddle” community service project by the Bengals.   They will build a pars course on Oct 18 behind Children’s.


15.      Announcements – by all

o       Jane Lott reviewed a Conference by the Christian Community Development Association, and encouraged everyone to consider going.   It will be Nov 16-20 in Indianapolis.   Information is available at

o       John Copenhaver invited everyone to the grand opening of the new Pleasant Hill building on Oct 20, at 9 am.   That same evening, there will be a parent open house, and College Hill organizations are welcome to come and set up booths.   Pam Bowers is coordinating, and can be contacted at 238-8010.


Next Summit Meeting: November 10, 2005 @ 8:00 am at Llanfair.
Summarized by:
Valerie Hershberger

November 4, 2005

Abbreviation Key:

ARCH                = Arts Revival in College Hill

CCCH                = Christ’s Community in College Hill

CCHMC                = Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

CHBA                = College Hill Business Association

CHCURC                = College Hill Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation

CHG                = College Hill Gardeners

CHPC                = College Hill Presbyterian Church

CHRC                = College Hill Recreation Center

COP                = Citizens On Patrol

CPD                = Cincinnati Police Department

CPOP                = Community Problem Oriented Policing

C&T                = Communications & Technology Committee of Forum

HUD                = The Department of Housing and Urban Development, a Federal Agency

NRSA                = Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area, a HUD program for low/med income neighborhoods

QOL                = Quality of Life Committee of Forum



   Tom Strothers, Webmaster


--Tom Strothers, Webmaster